Race Results


Obstacle Race Results
* indicates each set of  penalty burpees completed during race

2015 Season

07/11- Spartan Race- East Coast Combine- 1st
06/20- Spartan Race- Dallas Stadium Sprint- 2nd
03/15- Spartan Race- Hawaii Stadium Sprint- DQ (Finished 1st)
03/06- Spartan Race- Bahamas Sprint- 11th* —Hairline fracture during race
02/20- Spartan Race- Dubai Sprint- 2nd*
11/15- Spartan Race- Boston Stadium Sprint- 1st
11/08- Spartan Race- Mississippi Sprint- 3rd
11/01- Spartan Race- Milwaukee Stadium Sprint- 1st
10/25- OCR World Championships- DNF
10/18- Ultimate Athlete Games- New York- 1st
10/04- Spartan Race- Ohio Beast- 3rd*
09/28- Spartan Race- Illinois Sprint- 3rd*
09/27- Spartan Race- Illinois Super-DNF


07/26- Spartan Race- Washington DC- 2nd*
07/19- Ultimate Athlete Games- Chicago- 2nd
06/28- Spartan Race- Utah Beast- 4th
05/17- Hard Charge- Minneapolis- 1st
04/26- Spartan Race-Indiana Super- 4th*
03/23- Spartan Race-Hawaii Stadium Sprint- 2nd*

Spartan Race-Illinois Super- 4th**


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