2016’s Top Earners-Takeaways

Later this week I’ll be counting down 2016’s highest-earning Obstacle Course Racers. While I wait for final numbers to be confirmed I’ll post my initial 6 takeaways.

1. Lindsay Webster had a fantastic year. She won $5,000 or more in 5 different races, making her the most diversified athlete on our list in terms of winnings.

2. TV is where the big money is. Despite a small sample size, OCR athletes have had Continue reading “2016’s Top Earners-Takeaways”

2015 Update- A Running Hiatus

What am I up to these days?

Well, most nights you can find me standing by the west door of the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs.

For 8-11 hours each day I valet at the world’s longest running 5-star, 5-diamond certified resort. Occasionally I drive a McLaren, Ferrari, or Lamborghini, but most of the time its a Nissan or Hyundai. This past week I put in 71 hours. Fascinating, I know. Continue reading “2015 Update- A Running Hiatus”

Interview with Rob Butler, Creator of the $300,000 “Put Up or Shut Up” Challenge

Update: This event has since been canceled…


Rob and Jill Butler have never been ones to settle. Plenty of hard work has gone into the sport’s first permanent course, Shale Hill, which over time has come to resemble OCR’s version of Disneyland. Visit the course and you’ll find an ever-changing landscape of trails, obstacles, and fitness fanatics spread out over the Vermont landscape.

The 6 mile, 90 obstacle course is home to daily training sessions, workshops, team building events, and races.

But this next summer they have a challenge planned that is poised to shake the industry up. Continue reading “Interview with Rob Butler, Creator of the $300,000 “Put Up or Shut Up” Challenge”

Fearless in Self- A Brief Glimpse into John Yatsko’s Journey, Courtesy of Tim Sinnet

Check out Tim’s article on John

“Insist on yourself; never imitate.” -Emerson.

John and I, despite being very different people, have similar thoughts and tastes; specifically, in literature, although I’ll admit to liking Emerson’s Self Reliance far less than The Poet, and in regards to feelings on technology, as I just celebrated my one-year anniversary since abandoning my cell phone.

The main difference between us is probably an ability to commit fully to an idea and run with it, societal regs be damned. He possesses this. I may or may not have it. But time will tell. Continue reading “Fearless in Self- A Brief Glimpse into John Yatsko’s Journey, Courtesy of Tim Sinnet”

Going Clear, The Musical: Breaking Down Tom Cruise’s Tonight Show Performance

While doing press for his recent earth-shaking Scientology expose, Alex Gibney made it a point to call out some of the more well-known Scientologists that the film focuses on. After a screening in early March, Gibney made headlines after calling Tom Cruise’s silence amidst accusations that he called for wiretapping of then wife Nicole Kidman’s phone and  used underpaid workers to maintain his car and plane “irresponsible.” Continue reading “Going Clear, The Musical: Breaking Down Tom Cruise’s Tonight Show Performance”

Dubai Part 2- Bittersweet Views From the Top of the World

This recap is part photo-diary, part critique. For insight into the previous two days of travel and the race, click here.


By the time the awards were through it was already late afternoon. I was a mess: sweaty and covered with sand, mud, and blood, and beat from the previous two nights without sleep. In short, I was in desperate need of a shower and rest. Continue reading “Dubai Part 2- Bittersweet Views From the Top of the World”

Motivation After Setbacks

And we’re back with another generically titled post.

This past summer I decided to start a blog. So I went ahead and bought a domain and hosting. The name? The Doystoyevsky-inspired TheBrothersKraker.  I figured my brother and I would end up using it for one thing or another; we had a couple of business ideas in the wings, including early thoughts on an OCR website and an OCR training-camp (the latter of which has actually become a reality, more on that this weekend) that we’d probably need a website for.

I wrote up 2 month’s worth of blogs, maybe 15-20 separate 1000-3000 word hot takes on things I felt needed to be discussed in the OCR community: where it was doing well, where it wasn’t, what its future held, etc. I had another 5-10 written on sports, travel, and gear reviews. We were all set to launch this spring.

Then I was robbed while in Oakland this winter. I was living out of my backpack at the time, so when it was taken I lost pretty much everything I owned. Among the stolen items was my MacBook. Continue reading “Motivation After Setbacks”

Pop Culture Recap- How to Cheer for Criminals in Sports, and TV has Gotten Really Good

1. This past week news broke that light-heavyweight champ and UFC star/Reebok athlete/Golden Boy Jon Jones was involved in a hit and run accident. In this case, the “run” actually means run, as he was last seen grabbing a wad of cash out of his wrecked rental car and then sprinting away from the scene. I assume he made sure his Reeboks were fully pumped before taking off. Police also found drugs at the scene of the crime. This latest event occurs only a short time after Jones was fined and briefly entered rehab after testing positive for cocaine before his title fight with Daniel Cormier.

Jones is the latest in a long string of high-profile athletes from major American sports to find themselves in legal trouble. I don’t feel like wasting my breath talking about the NFL, but it’s been a rough year for sporting role models. Continue reading “Pop Culture Recap- How to Cheer for Criminals in Sports, and TV has Gotten Really Good”

Rant of the Week: Race Volunteers and Poorly Marked Courses are Why I’m Stuck Eating Ramen

The financial side of racing is one of the topics I’ve wanted to cover for a while. But I keep pushing back doing so. When racers talks finances they risk offending those who believe the only reason that anyone should ever race is for “the love of it.” To which I say, why not multitask?

Lets jump right into it this week. Continue reading “Rant of the Week: Race Volunteers and Poorly Marked Courses are Why I’m Stuck Eating Ramen”