About Me

Edit: I don’t race anymore, and this blog is pretty dead these days. Head over to Obstacle Racing Media for any recent articles I’ve written. 


My name is McCauley Kraker, and I’m a 26-year-old endurance athlete from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, currently living in Budapest, Hungary.

A few years ago I was your typical college student. I was habitually over-tired, out-of-shape, and of course, smothered by debt. I was mere steps away from graduating (one semester, to be exact), getting a real job, and attempting to pay off said debt. But there was something that I just couldn’t shake, a feeling that I was missing out on both adventure and a more authentic version of myself by not taking, if you will, the road less traveled.

I decided to take a break from growing up and trade in school, bars, and the “real world” for the back roads, or the “Blue Highways” as William Least Heat-Moon calls them.  Along the way, I began to get back into shape and eventually began running competitively again after discovering obstacle racing.

My time since has been spent traveling, writing, playing blackjack, and racing, representing Spartan Race’s Pro Team and the Apex Project on the obstacle racing circuit, racing everywhere from Hawaii to Dubai. Confused as to what obstacle racing is? Click here for a not-so-brief rundown.

When not racing I freelance write (and as much as it pains me to admit it, occasionally pen sensationalist click-bait articles for sites that will remain unmentioned). I also contribute to the Spartan Blog and Obstacle Racing Media.

Feel free to follow along with me via my facebook page or instagram, or my race calendar.

-For media, sponsor, and training info, head on over to my contact section.

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