Three days in Tokyo blew my mind

Tokyo is the ultimate juxtaposition of old and new, a place where ancient temples squat in the shadows of neon-lit, contempo skyscrapers and riced-out, glowing Lamborghinis scream past ambling tuk-tuks. It might sound jarring, but when viewed at night, somehow it all meshes in a stunning fever-dream of lights and activity. Our resident travel guru, Darrin, is spending his gap year from Uni hitting as many countries possible. This week he documents his three-day visit to the extraordinary city. 

Image result for tokyo night

Have you ever seen Lost in Translation? I touched down at Narita airport and I kid you not, I felt just like the guy in that movie. Floating through the city jet lagged as hell, neon lights everywhere, I could’ve been in that ASAP Rocky video with the Asian chick.

This was a work trip, and in Tokyo that can only mean one thing: Heavy drinking. I met my father’s business associates at the super sick hotel bar and of course we started drinking right away, as is custom at these meetings. By the time talk turned to business I was honestly in no state to negotiate, but I tried my hardest to keep my wits about me. They were pretty cool guys. Shortly after midnight I finally peaced out of there and went to my room. I’ve always been the guy with the iron stomach, but the whiskey had done me in, and this meant spending most of the night huddled near the toilet.

The next day was spent in a haze. I had meetings to attend but I couldn’t tell you what was discussed. Some ‘hair of the dog that bit me’ got me through the day, and at night I went to a karaoke joint on the third floor of the hotel. I tried dumplings and sake, and then more sake, and next thing you know I was waking up in bed- the girls, sounds, and colors of the previous night replaced by blinding daylight.

I went down to the market to get some Gatorade, and while my flight didn’t leave until late that evening, I figured why not head in early and take advantage of the free food and drinks at the Mastercard lounge. I couldn’t stomach Saki after the previous night, but some cold Sapporo had me feeling like a million bucks in no time at all. It was a long flight back, but I was able to sleep most of the time. I’m telling you, Bose quiet comforts are a game changer!

What a crazy place and trip. I give Tokyo a 9.5/10.

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