30 days of Pull-Ups, part 2

I decided to give the pull-up challenge another try.

The goal this time: 100 pull-ups (or chin-ups) a day for 30 days. I started April 6th. As of today I’m at 1700 pull-ups for the month, which comes out to just under 80 a day. But I’ve taken quite a few off days, so factoring that in I’ve averaged more around 150 a day for the month.

I was so fatigued after my first big day (150 pull-ups) that I had to take 4 days off after. But just like my month of burpees, after that initial first shock my body has fallen in the routine pretty quickly and it hasn’t been too rough on me since.

I try to do sets of 10 with minimal rest for the first 50 or 100 each day. Then I’ll add in more rest or halve the set, depending on how I feel. In 10 days I’ll test out and see if I can get my original goal, which was 40 strict consecutive pull-ups.

Here’s a set of 50 from my last session in which I managed to knock out 275, my high so far.

Riveting stuff, I know!



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