30 days of juggling, part 2

Day 15 is as far as we’ll make it on this one.

I started to have some trouble with my left shoulder after day 3 of pull-ups. A slight ache underneath my clavicle become a worrisome twinge after finishing, among all the things it could have been, a juggling session. I continued to juggle for a few more sessions before shelving both that and the pull-ups indefinitely.

Despite the short time frame (15 days, 9 sessions) I was able to make a tremendous amount of progress in my juggling.

Each day I would visit Library of Juggling, a neat juggling website with gif illustrations with moves. I started with the easiest-rated moves and moved up one at a time.

By the end I had learned 17 new moves and was able to juggle with an ease and speed that, when reviewed on tape, was a night and day difference from day-1.

I’ve been experimenting with various nootropics for another article, so I double-dipped and used a chaga and lion’s mane coffee in conjunction with the cross-brain movement of juggling.  Whether it was placebo or not, during the 15 days I felt absolutely on fire in terms of thought process and awareness, or very alert and “in the moment” if you will.

It’s a fascinating feeling when you can actually feel your brain making new connections. Anyway, here we are.

The results:

This experiment, despite its short life, was a success.

Next up: 30 days of core +



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